Help for Flood Survivors

“This piece of paper is not large enough to express all my feelings,” said the volunteer team leader while taking in the magnitude of destruction left after rainwaters caused a dam to break and waters flooded nearby villages in Southeast Asia.

Upon visiting flood survivors in their homes, or what was left of them, he noted that “sorrow blanketed them…It was hard to see the total loss of what they had built with hard effort and struggle.”

Despite the devastation, however, the team leader picked up on something else—smiles and patience amid cold and hunger. “They were even glad for what was not lost,” he shares.

That spark of gratitude quickly fanned into a flame of joy as these victims experienced comfort and sustenance from Southern Baptists’ gifts through the work of Send Relief and Global Hunger Relief.

Following the flood and the displacement of more than 9,000 people, Send Relief was on the ground distributing emergency food supplies to the victims in three of the hardest-hit villages. The impact of these gifts was far more profound than the satiation of a physical need: the food distribution, and how it was conducted, resonated deeply with recipients.

Speaking on behalf of his community, one man expressed thanks to those who “lightened our burden” after the flood.

“We give thanks to the Lord in the midst of this disaster that struck us that there are still those who care to help us.”

Another woman echoed the sentiment, saying, “I also thank the volunteers who came right to our house and saw the condition it is in after the flood and gave us comfort. May the Lord repay your goodness.”

These statements reflect the magnitude of the impact your gifts can have. Every time you support Global Hunger Relief, you are providing more than a meal. You are meeting more than an immediate physical need.

You are sending authentic, compassionate care and sustenance of eternal significance in the name of Christ.

Consider helping others who are food insecure for any number of reasons. Send your support today.

Published July 15, 2021