Serving Hope Through Youth Empowerment


In Thailand, local churches are making a significant impact by blessing students, the future leaders of their generation. Gifts to Global Hunger Relief are equipping these churches to bless their communities and disciple students.

In Doi Saket, Thailand, one church is supporting children from impoverished families by providing daily meals and covering their transportation costs to school for a year. Additionally, in Mae Lae Noi, another church is assisting at-risk students from mountainous and nearby communities with school lunches and dormitory food. Both churches are engaged in evangelism, discipleship and leadership training for the children.

This initiative responds to the urgent need identified by local pastors who have worked with these families for six years. Under the care of the local churches, continued support is ensured for these vulnerable children. Furthermore, the project includes animal husbandry training and startup to enhance sustainability and self-reliance in the communities.

Nurture Thailand’s spiritual growth by providing essential support and empowering the next generation of leaders.

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people in Thailand suffer from food insecurity, with many facing hunger due to poverty, inequality and economic challenges.


of children under the age of five in Thailand experience stunted growth due to malnutrition.


Transforming Lives Through Education and Empowerment

This project in Thailand is bringing tangible results and a profound impact. All children enrolled in the program received daily school lunches for the entire six months, coupled with invaluable exposure to the gospel shared by the churches. Some students even embarked on a mission trip, bravely spreading the message of hope across cultures.

Furthermore, the positive reputation of both dormitories has soared, attracting attention from government officials seeking assistance for other at-risk children in the regions. Additionally, the project includes animal husbandry training and setup. Now, both locations are raising chickens, not only to reduce food costs but also to impart valuable skills to the students.

One grateful student shared, "Thank you for supporting The Way Church Dorm. I learned how to care for the kitchens and even how to sell eggs from the chickens. I hope to return to school in May, and I want to thank you for ensuring I have lunch every day."

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weekly school lunches for a student


monthly transportation to and from school


school lunches for a student for one year


Chicken coop and chickens