Serving Hope Through Faith Communities


Amidst the Ukraine crisis, two Send Relief projects are providing food to those affected by the conflict.

In Poland, a local church initially established a refugee center to provide shelter for Ukrainian families fleeing the war. As families transitioned to independent living, the church shifted its focus to assisting refugees who are mothers with small children. Gifts to Global Hunger Relief will support monthly food aid with basic items like milk, pasta, rice, meat and cooking essentials, along with sharing the gospel message. Through this initiative, three churches, two Ukrainian and one Polish, have been planted!

Another project focuses on aiding Ukrainians in a border city, where widespread destruction has left many without means to support themselves. A Send Relief partner is establishing a soup kitchen, distributing food baskets, providing fuel for transportation and offering resources for warmth during the harsh winter months. All of these are opening doors to gospel conversations.

Your support on Global Hunger Sunday enables local churches and partners to continue these critical efforts, bringing hope and sustenance to those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

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people in Ukraine, or about 11% of the population, are estimated to be food insecure.


people have been displaced by the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine, exacerbating food insecurity for millions more.


Building Communities of Faith

Your support of Ukrainian families displaced by conflict is already changing lives. Families have received crucial assistance, enabling some to return to Ukraine as the war shifted away from their homes and others to find refuge in nearby countries.

In Poland, a refugee center served two Ukrainian pastors and their families. Despite their own challenges, these courageous men immediately engaged in ministry to other refugees, leveraging the resources Send Relief provided to extend help to others. With their invaluable assistance, two Ukrainian churches were planted, fostering a sense of community and reaching refugees with the gospel. Only God could have orchestrated these connections.

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food packet of milk, pasta, rice, canned meat, and other cooking supplies


Winter jacket


potatoes for food kitchen in Eastern Ukraine


fresh meat for food kitchen in Eastern Ukraine